The Body Shop always smells so earthly whenever I walk into one of their stores with all the natural ingredients and the subtle colours. Love it – and i’m not just saying this because this is sponsored, I mean it.

Today I’m going to review their new Spa edition and yes, the products smell like I am lying down on a massage bed in a fancy spa somewhere in Thailand! I was really excited when I got approached asking to review The Body Shop’s new collection, ‘Like hell yes I would love to!’ – that’s what I wanted to reply with but obviously had to be all professional. 😛

The ‘Escape To Spa Bliss’ collection launched on the 27th of September (this year of course) that features very earthly and natural ingredients such as;

Seaweed –  from Ireland which is indigenous to the Atlantic coast and harvested by hand! The seaweed helps to create a hydrating layer and is gentle to the skin.

Brazilian Cupuaçu – an Amazonian nut which has been used in many spa rituals by the locals of Santa Luzia. This unique nut helps to exfoliate and cleanse.

Shea and Camellia flower – event the names of these tranquillising ingredients sound calming and spa-y (yes it’s a word because it’s on my blog :P).  Japanese ingredients that help to create a sense of calmness and bring a soothing feel to the body.

Below are the products I received and my review/opinions:




As seen in the above picture, the gel comes in a heavy and very earthly-coloured container with a screw top – quite a large container for the amount of cream provided. I could immediately tell that I am looking at a somewhat natural product by the colour itself, very pale and light green, seaweed, get it? Very clever Body Shop.

The gel-cream is used to revitalise and hydrate the skin in which when I applied a small amount to my hand, did just that. My skin started to feel cool and nourished. This cream comes in really handy for those who do heat laser treatments for acne or hair removal. Especially during a very hot day or the summer season when I can throw this into my morning or night beauty routine!

The scent of the cream is not very different to a normal hydrating cream, if not more oceanic.

However, I would’ve preferred more product and less container space.



The name of this eye cream gel is a mouthful but thankfully, so is the amount of product given! This product contains Black Cumin seed oil (antioxidants), Camellia seed oil (nutritive oleic acid), and Rosehip seed oil (omega 3 and 6). The eye gel comes in a screw top container, similar to that of the seaweed cream, but with a yellow-coloured base. This eye gel is aimed to shrink eye puffiness by reducing water retention, fade dark circles, and makes the eye contour appear smoother.

What caught my eye was how shiny the cream is! It looks like they’ve thrown a packet of glitter into the gel and mixed it with the oils – very satisfying to look at! I have dark circles myself have been using this cream, however I haven’t shown any before and after pictures as I received the products not very long ago and it would be too soon to review the effectiveness on my dark circles. The scent is subtle and the cream itself feels slimy and oily (well of course Raneil it’s infused with three different oils duh!).

But I am eager to see how this turns out! ;P



Can we just appreciate that The Body Shop has been developing this natural wax candle for 5 years! And it smells DIVINE! Seriously! Like I’m sitting in a high-tea restaurant in Japan – to stereotypical? Okay let’s move on. The wax itself feels very smooth and smells buttery. A total burnout of 34 hours!

Purchase these products and more of their Spa collection through this link –


Hope this helped finalise some thoughts you had about The Body Shop’s new products and let me know in the comments if you’d like to hear out my thoughts for any product you have in mind!

Much love! xxx

So, what are you thinking?