There is nothing like a hour long hot bath, ESPECIALLY in the winter! I’d like to share all the products I use during my shower routine as well as what I use after. My morning showers are a normal 3 minute shower but in the evenings (after a dusty summer day and last-year of school studying) I like to treat myself to a self-made mini spa!

I don’t do anything before my shower routine except the basic put my towel on the rack and blah blah.


Aloe Gentle Facial Wash Cleanser from The Body Shop. I love this cleanser because it’s natural and doesn’t come out as a liquid but a soft cloud of foam. Because I had suffered from severe acne, I never risk using any products that say ‘for blemishes or acne scars’ as most have harsh chemicals in them and boy have I used hundreds of chemicals to cure my acne! This product is very mild so it’s great for everyday use and works better at removing makeup than the ”oil-free” eye makeup removers. I’ts a new addition to my shower routine.

Natural grown Aloe Vera is amazing for your skin as the gel acts as a natural sun screen and moisturiser. It contains Vitamin C and E which helps keep the skin hydrated. Ancient Egyptians used to call it ‘the plant of immortality’ – this is how good it is. So dig some sand up and grow that baby in your backyard! 


Glycol Scrub from Skinstitut. This product helps with my pesky nose blackheads. The crystals in it are larger than other exfoliate products I have used so I tend not to rub it very hardly as I have before and peeled of some of my skin (I was in a hurry and patience is not one of my virtues).


Vanilla Body Srub with Almond and Shea from D’ivine. I can proudly say this product is made in Kenya (my home town) and smells A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and the brown almond crystals feel soft on the skin. I got it as a gift and have never been happier with a body scrub before because this one actually does make a difference as it has lessened my in-grown hairs and made my knees fairer.


After my shower, I apply a layer of  Sun Screen SPF 50+ from Skinstitut and Aloe Soothing Moisture Lotion from The Body Shop on my face. For my arms and legs I use the Vanilla Body Butter from D’ivine (the scrub and body butter were a set).

Hope this helped you make your mind up on which cleansers, scrubs, and creams you could narrow down to. Don’t worry I get just as daunted as you do when I walk into a beauty store looking for my ideal cleanser. There you have it, My Shower Routine.

PS: I wouldn’t recommend using the Aloe Vera cleanser to remove foundation as it is very mild and might not pick up all the makeup left. Because I don’t use foundation and only contour/conceal this cleanser is pretty ideal for me. 

What cleanser do you use? Let me know! 🙂


So, what are you thinking?