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Denim skirt, or literally any skirt ‘above the knees’, is that part of fashion that I swore i would never step into. But looks like I pulled it off fairly well ey? LOL. Honestly I tried on like a hundred different denim skirts but was never able to find one that was not ‘too’ short until I found this beauty – I’m conscious OKAY! During this shoot I kept tugging and pulling it down but loved how cute it looks! I love to explore different parts of the fashion industry and REALLY wanted to give this a try!

My photographer for this shoot was Isabelle – you’re probably pretty familiar with her by now 😛 Make sure to give her Instagram and blog a follow!

Being winter here in Australia, I still can’t figure out how a denim skirt would be a trend right now in this 5 degree weather! So I decided to dress it up in a semi-winter casual way but you will definitely be seeing this piece in many other outfit ideas I have – especially in the summer!





This denim skirt is from Sportsgirl – I recently did a post featuring a gorgeous dress form the same label here. What caught my eye was the patchwork and different tones of the traditional denim ‘blue’. I would’ve preferred more fraying on the bottom (which I could probably do myself but don’t want to risk ruining it :P) but wouldn’t change a thing about it otherwise! I avoided to divert the attention away from the details on the skirt so went for a basic white oversize tee from Factorie.

To finally top it off – not because it was freezing cold psssshht 😛 – I added a good old black leather jacket! And finally black sock boots to match the jacket!

Hope you enjoyed my post and do let me know what you’d like to see me try out next! Love xxx

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