Uggggh! Can I just start off by saying how annoyed I get when I try to untangle my chains after they’ve bounced around my vanity pouch during the flight! I love my chains and just the thought of all that time i’m going to spend untangling them just argh!

Hope this idea gets you through this! It certainly did work for me!


A container (could be round doesn’t have to be square), and thin cardboard


Trace the top of the container to the cardboard. When cutting it out, cut an extra half centimetre as it will be to big to fit in. If it’s too big it’ll be hard for you to pull it out and if it’s too small your chains will meet each other and you’ll just be back at square one!


Put your first chain in.


Add one square on the top and repeat this with how many chains you wan’t to travel with. Just remember; chain-paper-chain-paper and so on.


Aaaaaaand you’re welcome 🙂

PS: If you have bulky necklaces like heavily beaded ones, use a deeper container so you have more space to fit in more and not break it!

So, what are you thinking?