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Beach and Summer are the most perfect pair imaginable! I mean kick off your boots and head to the sand for some sunshine, it can’t get better than that – unless you prefer freezing in the cold.

A few friends and I decided to do just that! It’s been around 3 months of summer but being here at The Moseley Beach Club REALLY made summer actually feel like summer! Coconuts, day beds, sunglasses, and amazing company! I definitely had a blast! Hope you enjoy this summer post – it can’t get more sunshine than this!

Before I carry on I just want to say that the girls in this post made this day a hella more memorable! Love them heaps – i’ll leave all their links at the end of this post!



The Moseley Beach Club is a new summer addition to Adelaide, a secluded little area on Glenelg beach made to look like one of the cute Santorini-like beaches in the 90’s! White and blue beds, umbrellas, aaaah it looked absolutely beautiful! We were shown to our bed by the lovely staff and this was set up – I was super impressed with how much ‘bang for a buck’ we got!


I was also super duper impressed by how genuine and friendly the staff was! This lovely lady (Hannah) made us feel so comfortable and just like home! Keeping in mind that the staff has to be out in the scorching sun serving visitors and walking up and down on the uneven sand – #workoutfeels Loved everyone!



The main attraction (actually what brought us to the beach club) were these coconuts! You could either rode the coconut with a cocktail mix in it or the natural coconut water that came with! How breathtaking is the view of the beach as well! It was the perfect weather and the water was a turquoise-sky blue! I can’t stop loving the beach more!

PS: These coconuts reminded me a lot about my childhood living in Kenya when we’d travel to the islands (Mombasa) and sip on fresh Madafu (coconut in Swahili)¬†all the time!




These are a few more snaps from the day!

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