Sequin was the ultimate party look of the 1920’s, better known as the ‘roaring twenties’. The sparkly gem’d heals, the holographic sequin midi dresses, the large beaded statement necklaces, and the hair feathers with dangling sequin beads! Everything was shiny!

Before I carry on with the post, I’d like to mention the photographer for this post – the sweetest and most down to earth lady I have met! Jacqui and I met through Cocktail Revolution’s Road Test and she’s become a great friend of mine! Please do check out her blog and Instagram – the only person I know who can really rock a Chanel bag 😉

Now i’m the type of person who’d see a super illuminating object and immediately be drawn to and go ‘ooooooo shiny!!’ But the reality, will I ever wear it? No. Never. I also get carried away with my highlighter! But this wasn’t the case with this beautiful blouse. I just had to have it!


The top is from Zara (of course as only Zara can design such a cool and chic product). It is fully sequin’d from the front but plain white at the back. The sequins are matte in texture which is not too out-there but the top still shouts ‘party’ with a hint of ‘sophisticated’.

Because I wanted the top to be the centre of attention – which it’s quite doing reasonably well on it’s own – I decided to go with plain yet dressy/trendy accompaniments. These boyfriend jeans were the perfect option which you can DIY yourself! Click here to see how I tore the jeans!

Next were these ankle strap heels from Nine West which I completely adore! They’re not too high and not too low – walkable 😛 The black fedora is from Supre to match the heels as I felt the outfit looked too messy with all the colours happening and the fedora helped to match everything up!

Hope you liked this fashion post and still many many more to come!

Don’t forget to check out Jacqui’s links!! :*

Love xxx

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