Sock boots had been (actually still is), a phenomenal craze where every show-lover and Instagrammer had followed the trend with either a classic black and some were rocking bright colours! I wasn’t such a fan at first and stuck with the usual ankle black boot for winter. But then two things came to my attention;

  1. The colour combination of Orange and Fuchsia (it was love at first sight)
  2. And these hella cool trendy bright amazing awesome ORANGE SOCK BOOTS

I HAD to get my hands on them and so I did!

My lovely photographer for this post was Jessica! Make sure to check out her Instagram and Blog cause she’s a real sweetheart!


Before we got on with the post, I just want to say that this outfit is something quite different than you’re used to seeing on Sugar And Shoes. I’ve been feeling i’m playing to ‘safe’ with my fashion and not doing anything EXTRAordinary but just staying, well, ordinary. Fashion is the one thing that is super close to my heart (apart from sugar :P) and if I own a blog and 1K instagram account, why not kick it up a notch and take the risk!

BACK TO TOPIC – like i said, this outfit is something pretty different and I loved shooting it! I paired the colour combination with a plain outfit as I wanted to dominate the sock boots and bag. The tee is an XL from Factorie (aaaaand from the men’s department). I paired the tee with super high waisted balloon pants in dark turquoise from ZARA and then gave a pat on my back!

PS: My mum literally went ‘OH MY GOD WHAT ARE YOU THINKING’ when she saw the sock boots and my sister went ‘OH MY GOD I WANT THOSE’. Hahaha it was funny in the moment 😛



So now after I finished gorging over the orange-fuschia combination, I needed something, well, fuchsia. I was scrolling through Mango’s sale and literally chucked this bag in my cart on first sight – I literally did not even think twice. By the ways, Mango is my ultimate go-to store right now.


And finally, the main event, these gorgeous sock boots from Lamoda UK. The orange colour in my pictures looks like a bright strong orange but in real they have a slight neon-peach tone to them. They’re not the comfiest heels but wearable for ‘sitting down’ parties, brunches, or shoots but definitely wouldn’t recommend wearing them for a night out or a long-duarated occasion. They come in heaps of other colours!

And thazzzz it!

Hope you enjoyed this post and appreciated me stepping out my comfort zone and taking the risk! Look forward to heaps more surprises!

So much love for you all xxx


So, what are you thinking?