How many times have you gone onto Pinterest or Tumblr and admired the beautiful desk decor with the amazingly precise co-ordinated colours and the immense amount of desk space with literally just one pencil,a huge mac and beautiful rose gold stationery! Well I don’t roll like that mm mm! I have 4 cups on my desk filled with pens of every colour, 2 huge office files, a printer, rulers, scissors e.t.c. Buuuuut I HAVE to keep it organised. So I was kinda get sick of how messy it looked with all the yellows and greens and out-of-place stuff. I deserve to have the Tumblr effect! I decided to throw bit of golden stationery here and there to create a classy feel with a professional yet playful touch and I love how it looks so Tumblr and neat now! These are my Gold Stationery Picks! 🙂

IMG_4945  IMG_4946

Typo – $14.99

These scissors we’re the cutest thing I have EVER bought from a stationery store before (after those super tiny staplers), I’m not gonna go into statistics and mention the material and how many papers it can cut blah blah well because one – their super cute, and two – their scissors! They cut stuff so that’s enough!

IMG_4947  IMG_4950

Kikki.k – $9.95

Little tiny swirls of gold stationery. I loved these paper clips because they we’re something different, unique. The swirly pattern not only looks pretty but is pretty practical as well, that is the circles on the clip are of different sizes depending on how many papers you need to clip! Loving metallic stationery yet?


Kmart – $10

I had a humongous craze for polka dots last year and this A4 Notepad was like perfect! It matched my golden stationery theme and my interests!

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