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Social media, especially Pinterest, is flooded with quotes be it love, friendship, hatred, inspiration you name it! They’re also hundreds of motivational quotes out there and if you’re like me, then you’d just scroll through, read a deep quote, think about it for 2 minutes, and just go ‘meh, i’ll do it tomorrow’.

But these quotes really did make an impact towards me and I couldn’t have felt more accomplished!


No matter how your heart is grieving,

If you keep on believing

The dream that you wish,

Will come true 


It’s funny how much a Disney quote can make a huge impact! This quote helped and is still helping me to keep pushing, to keep having faith, and most importantly, to keep dreaming. Everyone has a dream or a wish they want to see come true, it’s not gonna be down for you, slacking is not going to help anything. Get up, work for it, and with time and commitment, the dream that you wish will come true.


If it scares you,

It might be a good thing to



‘What if I drown while skiing?’, ‘What If the parachute doesn’t open when I skydive?’, ‘What if the rollercoaster stops mid air?’, What if what if what if! Anything can happen anywhere. That doesn’t mean our lives stop! Just do it! Don’t regret it! BUT, listen to your heart.


A year from now,

You’ll wish you started today


This quote has helped me in studies and blogging. ‘If I had just studied bit more I would’ve got an A+!’, ‘Ugh I wish I didn’t waste everyday partying!’ It just says it all! A year or a week, even a day from now you’ll look back at all the time you spent being reluctant and lazy you’ll regret it! Time is extremely precious, every second! It doesn’t come back, once time is gone, it’s gone! I was so hesitant to start this blog, I had so many doubts in mind. But i’m loving every second of it!



Which quotes helped you in life?






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    Emma | Creative Explorations


    I loved this post so much because I have a thing for quotes! The second one is a gut punch for me — I’m not really a gal who tries new things, but I know that at some point I need to step out of my comfort zone.

    I just wrote a post all about quotes, if you’re interested: Thanks for sharing these awesome ones!

    Emma | Creative Explorations

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      Raneil Sokhi


      Yes that’s my favourite too! 🙂 I’ll definitely check it out!

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