Clutches are a must to have, right? I mean the versatility is endless Рdress them up for a cocktail party or dress them down for a market visit! But what if I tell you that you can get them hand made in eco-friendly and african indigenous fabric?

GreenLiving Nairobi does just that! Owned by my talented aunt, she makes these beauties handmade with suede and african bold prints! Everything and anything Kenyan is described amongst these accessories.



To start with, these are only very few of the colours and patterns she uses. And yes – they can definitely get a lot more vibrant and bright! The one feature I love most is that they can open up and become twice the size! The space is large enough to fit an iPad!


By the pictures you’ve seen above, I’ve illustrated in what situations you can use these authentic beauties; chuck a bottle of sunscreen and your favourite sunglasses and head to the beach; or pair them with a formal outfit to pop up your look – easy peasy!

Tassels are an on going trend but sometimes they can get a bit intimidating especially since tassel earrings are pretty common and worn by everyone! And that’s why you can opt for the clutches! Flaunt two trends in one!

Bearing in mind, not only does Greenliving make clutches, but designs eco-friendly diary planners as well! Check out the links below to see how you can own one and get organised this year!

Below are ways in which you can follow and contact the designer herself;



The Arbor is a marketplace in Nairobi whereby local vendors and designers showcase their talent – and Greenliving appears now and then. Follow The Arbor Instagram page to see if you can catch the designer herself!

As well as Ilkarashi, a clothing boutique located in Nairobi and a stockist for Greenliving.



So, what are you thinking?