To straighten my hair perfectly is one thing I’m ‘OCD’ at. I actually plan in a week’s advance when and what time i’m going to straighten my hair so I don’t rush myself (and in the process burn my ear off). I was a beginner at one time (duh) and struggled to find good ways on how to straighten hair. I only do it once in a while, let’s say once a month, so I pretty much enjoy doing it. But if I do it once a week for two weeks straight I avoid straightening it as much as I can.

Before I get onto it, i’d just like to specify my hair type as the products i’ll be using have been chosen for MY hair type 🙂 I have very VERY thin hair, it’s naturally straight-ish, and my hair tends to get oily really quick.

Great now we’ve got that out of the way! Here’s my ‘How to straighten hair’ 🙂


I part my hair down the middle and tie one side with an elastic (my right to be specific).


The heat-resistant spray i’m using is from Toni&Guy. It’s the second spray i’m trying and so far so good. It doesn’t cause any frizziness and my hair stays straight. I then damp my hair with this product till it’s fairly wet.

thumb_IMG_4779_1024    thumb_IMG_4782_1024

  • I part a small section from the bottom and tie up the rest. I brush all the tangles out and straighten it till it’s dead straight (3 times maximum and wait in between each straighten for it to slightly cool down). I’m using the GHD Professional hair straightener and I LOVE IT! It fits my ‘How To Straighten Hair Perfectly: My Routine’ just right!

thumb_IMG_4785_1024                   thumb_IMG_4789_1024

Parting sections from my neck moving upwards, i continue to un-tangle and straighten.

thumb_IMG_4790_1024                    thumb_IMG_4792_1024

After i’m done with the right side, i tie it very loosely to make sure i don’t cause a ‘bend’ after all the ‘straighten my hair perfectly’ effort, and repeat with the left side.


Because I don’t like the front of my hair to be too flat, I straighten the front two sections of my hair on each side with only one straighten.


Ta Da! How To Straighten Hair Perfectly: My Routine!

Which hair sprays do you use? Let me know 🙂

So, what are you thinking?