A summer outfit is has to be the easiest thing to rock! I mean just slip on a logo short, some torn shorties, and pop on some mules to take it next-level insta worthy! My style this summer is definitely going to be full of fun tees and slouchy trousers/shorts!

Ummmm firstly, HI!!! Wow it’s been ages I haven’t written a post but I’ve got quite a bit ready to be put up so stay tuned! 🙂




I think I’ve said this like a gazillion times, but you know that moment when you see something and just have to have it because you can’t stop thinking about how your life would be without it???????????? Well that was pretty much me with this ADORABLE top! This tropical top is from French Connection just took my summer outfit to a whole new level! What I loved about it was the bead embroidery and random prints. I love how I can dress up and dress down in this top!


Mules are my 100% go to shoes! These are from Mango (my current favourite online store). I just find mules soo versatile and perfect for everyday! Instead of opting for usual slippers or sneakers, try on a pair of mules to reach a more stylish approach and doll up your summer outfit!

Pixies are taken by Rachael from YourBaeRay and her Instagram is honestly goals! Giver her a stalk and follow! :*

So, what are you thinking?