I went crazy looking for a brown felt hippy choker because any I found either had a very large pendant I didn’t want or we’re weirdly and ridiculously expensive, so, I decided to make one of my own!

What you’ll need for your chic hippie choker;



A4 Felt paper (avoid the tough felt as it’ll itch, use the soft felt)

Lobster hooks

Jump rings

PS: You can buy any of the above from your local craft shop. I got mine from Lincraft!


Cut a strip of the felt length wise (1cm wide, depending on how thick you want the choker to be).


At the ends of the strip, cut of the corners to get a smooth curvy finish (and to make it look professional :P).


Punch two holes at the ends using a pin to make a very teeny weeny hole. Make sure no to make the holes to close to the edge as the felt is delicate and might tear. Almost there readers your felt hippie choker is almost done! 😛


At one end of the strip, insert a ring into the hole, and then insert the clasp into the ring and close it by tightening it. At the other end, insert the ring into the hole and tighten it.


Boom! Easy peasy fashionable and hippie felt choker!

PS: If you want to glam it more, add an oxidised gold pendant to match the gold and brown combination. Experiment with different colours and show me how your hippie chokers look like! 😀


So, what are you thinking?