Okay, as you may tell, this is my favourite holiday of the year! All the candy corn, the scary decor, amazing costumes, fake blood, and best of all, the pranks!

I have been celebrating this holiday since I was 13 and have no intention of stopping any time soon! The 31st of October was a day where the house would be decorated with spider webs made of string and black bedsheets used to cover windows!

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Every year, talented makeup artists come up with the most AMAZING makeup effects – torn flesh effects, and mermaid scales. Here are some of which you could do on your own within minutes!



Before applying any lipstick, I usually scrub my lips and apply a balm to smoothen them out as they are always chapped. But for this look, I decided to leave them the way they are to achieve that pale blood-thirsty effect 😛 But it’s entirely up to your comfort! Use a dark red lipstick and create a slightly sharper cupid bow.


Line the lips with a black lip liner or an eye pencil.


Blend the inner part of the line by dabbing a cotton bud and using gentle strokes. TA DA!



This look I would say is the least simple but isn’t hard, if what i just said makes sense? But hey, it looks SO COOL! To begin the comic girl, shape the eyebrows (as seen above) with a dark/black brow pencil, I just used black eye pencil, and set the brows with mascara.



Using the photos above as a guide, draw lines using a black eye pencil to outline features on your face you would usually contour. Don’t mind the one blue eye on her I forgot to take a picture before starting up the eye makeup, whoops ;P



Using a metallic blue eyeshadow, apply it to the eyelids without going outside the crease. Then using a liquid liner, apply a thin line to the upper lash line, and an extra thick line to the crease of the eye bring it outwards to form a cat eye. Fill in from the tip of the cat eye going in wards the eyelid and stop quarter way. Finally, for the eyes, apply a thick coat of mascara on both the upper and lower lashes.



Use the vampire lips here and apply white liquid liner on the cupids bow and a line on the bottom lip to create an exaggerated highlight. I also added white eye pencil on some of the lines to create the illusion of a shine. And that’s it!



Draw the desired shape of the ‘flesh’ with PVA Craft Glue – if you want the illusion of a cut, draw a line.


Tear some cotton balls and stick the cotton onto the glue, following the shape – this step is pretty messy so be prepared 😛


Cover the cotton with a generous amount of foundation to make it look realistically blended with your skin.


Pour on some fake blood (you could purchase from the halloween section in supermarkets or craft shops) and move your hand around to it drips and soaks into the cotton. Easy peasy, but messy.



Using a light concealer, conceal below your eyes, bridge of the nose, eyelids, chin, and fore head.



Using a gold-pink eyeshadow, apply the shadow on the eyelids followed by a slightly darker pink and blend in the outer corners and crease.


Draw on a thick cat eye followed by ‘drawn-on fake’ lashes using a heavily black pigmented liquid liner – wow that was a mouthful!


Apply white eye pencil to the outer water line. Trace the outer white line with a thin line of liquid liner followed by another pair of  ‘drawn-on fake’ lashes.



Blush the tips of the cheeks with a bright pink blush. Apply a pink lipstick in the shape of a heart and outline with black eye pencil. Draw on some cracks and dots on the cheeks for a scary look.

And there you have it! Easy last minute makeup looks for the best holiday EVER!

A big thank you to my sister for being a model for the Doll and Comic Girl :*

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Look out for more Halloween posts cause i’m not done yet MORTALS!

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